Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 92 - Healing

Sunday Scribblings is asking me to talk about


I can't help it. This is a gift of another opportunity for me to speak about Nia

I recently submitted an article to ParticipACTION. It's this Canadian initiative to motivate Canadians to get active and be healthy. When I was a kid, ParticipACTION made it's way into the classroom. It was hip to be healthy.

In the late 80s and for most of the 90s it wasn't all that cool (or at least publicized) to be fit.

Then a resurgence of ParticipACTION occured a few years back.

And I quickly submitted my fitness/wellness story to the online call. It was about Nia (and a whole lot more). It was rejected at first - a bit too graphic, I suppose. Anorexia and Bipolar Disorder can be that way.

In any case, they eventually accepted an edited version of my wellness & healing saga. See it here:

I still find much healing through Nia
There are days when I don't want to wake up (and I don't!!!), and I don't want to take my meds (sometimes I don't....until Paul catches on to me). But Nia is a big part of my self-regulation plan.

It has given me confidence beyond belief. Take a look at this. See how confident I am now?

Nia. Through movement I found health....


  1. :) some people are born to enlight!
    and you just did your bit :) thank you

    Happy SS

  2. Wow is that you! good girl Jen. I trip over my own feet.

  3. coool are you in that video? i finally tried nia again after your other post :D

  4. Good article - Nia is an excellent tool for healing...I've been a little slack lately in my yoga program and need to get back with it...thanks for the 'moving' reminder!