Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #91 - Confession

Although this already has been spoken between our hearts,

I'll confess.

Something about the words doesn't really seem to matter,
because centuries of this discussion have preceded us as we are now.

At first, this time around, following was so delicious.

But there's no need to give that power to you anymore.

I'm a leader. But you already know that.
So the puppy dog thing wasn't ever really sustainable.
Just a bad habit that you thankfully released me from.

I don't sacrifice my faith in much, but I do believe in my strength.

And so,
I'll confess.

I won't be vulnerable.
I really don't care that much.
Sure, the chase was fun, but I've laid down my tracks.


It won't ever be like it used to be.
I know that we will always come back.
So I don't have to worry about you now.

It's not about a booth in a church.
It's about the truth.


  1. "It's not about a booth in a church.
    It's about the truth. "
    I especially love that phrase...

  2. I agree. Love the last part. This reminds me of when my mother used to force my sisters and me to confess before easter and christmas...Oh, how I hated it all! Thank you, Jenn, for visiting my blog, I hope you'll visit my little world often :-)

  3. Good girl, you sound strong and are standing up for yourself.