Saturday, February 28, 2009

Subway Dance Party.

Last weekend, I took part in Improv Toronto's 2nd annual subway dance party.

Along with about 450 people (some of whom came from as far as Buffalo), I danced on the subway, ipod in place, tunes pumping. We filled 2 whole subway trains.

I happened to meet up with Kristen Gale, whom I had met the week prior when she came to one of my Nia classes. Thanks to Kristen for filming and posting this wildly fun experience (below).

The organizers did a fantastic job of staging this very fun event. I'll definitely be part of the event they are hoping to stage this summer.

Picture this.

Saturday afternoon, Museum Subway station.

The train rolls in, doors open. Passengers leave.

Then groups of people, who had previously been divided into groups, get on their assigned cars. Each one ipod-ready for the execution. After the first stop, the group leader in each car starts us off. At the 2nd stop, 2 more dance. 3rd stop, yup, 3 people grooving.

By the 5th car, we are all dancing. And smiling.
Releasing "feel good" hormones. Which I'm pretty sure are contagious. At least, that's what I've heard...

My friend Ingrid happens to get on our car with her friend at Queen. We make them smile. I tell Ingrid I am working hard to beat down my February blahs. Another of Ingrid's beautiful dimply smiles warms my heart and reminds me it's working.

We roll off at Wellesley and then journey southbound back to Museum.

"Attention all passengers: please don't dance on the train, it is dangerous and could cause injury". I am surprised that is the only thing we hear from TTC staff through the whole event.

Passengers have varied reactions.

1. "I am totally going to pretend this is not happening. Even though the whole car (whole train) is bee-bopping, I will show absolutely NO reaction. This is a normal ride on the Yonge-University-Spadina line ... on a Saturday afternoon. Nothing out of sorts going on here..."

2. "WTF. (Nostril snarled, brow furled. Looking around, then, sprouting-grin-blossoming-into-huge-toothy-smile). Holy shit. We're in the middle of some strange public performance piece. I ready about this in the Globe last year. Where's the camera?!? Get the camera out! Shit. Doesn't this thing have a video mode? does this work? Hurry. They'll never believe this in the Soo...."

I giggle and make eye contact to let them know that we're sober (well, at least I know I am!), and creating a dance wave of joy, that's all.

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