Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #84 - Lost

In the past year I have lost many things.

I ask myself,

"Qu'est-ce qui se passe avec ca?"
(what's up with that?)

And, "am I becoming a little careless?"

Or, "maybe I'm making generous donations to the universe?" (if that's the case, that's pretty nice of me, yes?).

The list of my recent donations is quite extensive, come to think of it.

~ Last summer, on August 15th to be exact, I lost my ipod.

~ It was sometime in September that I lost my keys.

~ After Christmas, on December 30th, I lost my cell phone.

~ On February 24th, I lost my bike key.

~ On February 28th, I lost my water bottle.

So these items were actually donated. Suddenly I feel so noble! Or maybe there's a message that I need to learn from losing things. Non attachment? Impermanence?


For a few years, I've had the idea to start a community art/recycling project that would reunite lost mittens and gloves with their partners.

Think about it. All those lonely mitten singles lying on the sidewalk, smushed into the street, floating around the TTC, propped up on a fence hoping to get the attention of it's owner.... If there were a way to match them up again, that would do a whole lotta good for everyone. It would be taking recycling to the next level.

It would work like this:

~ Person finds a mitt/glove plastered by ice/snow/pollution to the ground.

~ Person puts the mitt/glove into the mailbox. Any mailbox.

~ Through a miraculous process (funded by the Ontario Arts Council) the mitts/gloves are reunited.

I'm sure it's a little more complicated than this, but I like the idea.


  1. After you get the mitt/glove project off the ground (so to speak) maybe you could continue your good works with all the missing socks from the wash.

    Where do those darned things go anyway?

  2. I like the idea too. I saw a short festival film a while back with animated lost socks being reunited, funny.

  3. Everything should be fitted with a beep. And matching things like socks should have mating calls.