Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #75 -I knew instantly...

When I saw the porch light on, I knew instantly that my house would be filled-to-the-brim with rose petals.

As I approached the bank teller, I knew instantly, from his smile, that he was going to rob his own bank.

When I saw them laughing, I knew instantly that it meant that they had lost their jobs.

Picking up that penny, I knew instantly that my hair would spark a fire.

After wiping out on my bike, I knew instantly that elephants would take me back to Africa.

I knew instantly you'd think I was CCCRRRRAAAZZYYYYYYYY when you read this!


  1. I knew instantly when I read the first line that I was going to like this one. Of course I like Jabberwocky too.

  2. Crazy??? not-at-all! It was really a fun to read this, rather I should say thanks for all the laugh! :)

  3. ...and you were right. But, I bet you didn't know how much I would enjoy reading it. ;)

  4. I'm still smiling - these were fantastical instantlies.

  5. Ha-ha good the different images.

  6. not at all. I'm with yOu at this moment. I want to SCREAAAAM!!

  7. Hi- here from Sun. Scribs.

    Enjoyed all of these. Creative doesn't = crazy.

  8. Oh my, my first time here as you know. I read your profile after commenting. I have a degree in Speech-Lang. Path. before I became an artist full-time.