Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #74 -A winter tale

There's a guy who sends a photo related to Biking in Toronto by email EVERY day. His name is Joseph Travers. All these photos are courtesy of him and tell the story of my biking experience in Toronto, Canada in the winter. Thanks, Joseph, for the daily inspiration to do what I love no matter what anyone thinks!

As you may or may not know, I LOVE CYCLING!

When I'm on my bike I feel connected to my kinetic roots and am able to breathe fully.

Many people ask "do you ride through the winter?" My response: "You betcha!"

Often times I come from where ever I've been and here's what I find:

If I were to have too much to drink and come back to fetch my bike in the morning, here's what it could look like:

And, on a given work day, when I'm traveling from a Nia class to a client, here's what I might look like:

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  1. Wow, so you bike in the winter, very inspiring! Do you need special tires? 'Often' you return to find your bike gone? That is horrible! Love the bike deep in snow!

    Great post.

  2. Jenn, I love how you incorporated the photos into this post--I really enjoyed reading it!

  3. Beautiful pictures and you really captured your passion. My father lives in Toronto - he moved there from Calgary because the weather would be better - doesn't seem it from your pics!

  4. Nice! The pictures certainly tell a story. Do you have to use special tires in the winter?

  5. Winter biking. Never occurred to me. Glad you have the stamina and desire to do it - :)