Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #41- I just don't get it

I just don't get it.

In that I fully don't understand.

At times what I don't get is myself.

Like why I have these habits.

The temptations that I pretty much instantly regret having engaged in.

Like having that extra pint, or talking myself out of a meal because I'm "not hungry", or sleeping in far too late or widdling away hours on Facebook.


What makes me talk myself out of logic and into this self betrayal?

And other times, the thing I don't "get" is other people.

The narrow minded, ego centric, simplistic behaviours

The short-sighted, often limiting way of living is something that I don't "get".

Like tossing trash out a car window.

Or toxifying the air while waiting in an idling car for a loved one in the parking lot at Sobeys.

This inability to "get" both myself and others makes me wonder.

Could these clearly irrational behaviours be explained by frontal cortexes which have not fully matured,
incomplete in their dendritic web of connections?

Or is it all stemming from a lack of information? From ignorance? From arrogance?


So it turns out that it's the "not getting" why "I just don't get it" that is the problem.

Not getting not getting it is what is incomprehensible to me.


  1. It becomes all to simple, does it not?

  2. Oh, very good! And as for that Einstein quote... perfect!

  3. Love the mix of tangibles and intangibles brushed with a few philosophical and psychological observations and questions!

    Most entertaining and thought-provoking!