Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #42 - Out of This World

Out of this world experiences are those that bring me into my essence.
Those brief and celebratory moments where everything is ok, where I am at peace, and where
the sensation is one of pure pleasure.
I feel quite privileged to have had such precious moments of ease wrapped up with the excitement of living.
I think in the moment that these things are happening, what I'm experiencing is awe; total amazement at the wonder of what is happening.
Yeah, that's a pretty accurate way of describing it.

Here's a shot of me being jolted out of the Arabian Sea
in India ~ I laughed hysterically each time
I was propelled out of the water by the
force of the waves!

So what are these exceptional flashes of wonder?

* realizing as a little girl that my Grampy was always LISTENING to me after I off-handedly said I'd like to try crab while visiting him in Vancouver, BC and he went to the trouble to buy it FRESH and serve it for dinner that same night

* discovering that I had the will and strength to carry on with Multiple Sclerosis after a scary hospitalization at the age of 20

* being one of 19 out of 400 applicants to be accepted into University of Toronto's Master of Health Sciences program in Speech-Language Pathology (and then being totally raised onto a pedestal by lovely Paul ~ my then boyfriend and now husband ~ because of it)

* being a co-owner of my own house at the age of 25 (all those years of frugal saving paid off....)

* cuddling a Koala in Australia (gawd, I can't find the picture to show you how this shot looked just like a family portrait - me, Paul and young sleepy Karl the Koala....)

* being totally stunned that someone would chase me up Ayer's Rock, propose to me, and still marry me after my angry reaction at being surprised (and hence not in control) with a life altering marriage proposition

* hearing baby Andrew's (my darling now 3-year-old nephew) first cry after sneaking past the first set of double doors I was told not to go through towards the delivery room....

* being entrusted to hold my precious Andrew for the first time, to take him for a walk, to bounce him around just to hear his giggles, and getting to dance and "play rough" with him as he grew older.

* realizing that my "invincibility" at the age of 30 had a name....Bipolar Disorder

* meeting angels on earth who were my shadows, my mirrors and my vindicators through Sheena's Place in 2004

* discovering the confusion, panic and simultaneous peace and tranquility of India in 2005

* surrending to anorexia and embracing Nia in 2006

* being me - honest, transparent, open to the world.

I have been given such gifts.
Tokens of joy that are truly
out of this world.


  1. Loved sharing your utterly magical moments! Such treasures!


  2. I love the concept of "being brought into your essence." Amazing picture. Full of life and celebration.

  3. And the best gift of all? Being able to recognize these moments for the magic that they are.

  4. Lovely writing and very hopeful. You are an amazing young woman and I'm happy you've found tht elusive peace.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful post, Jennifer!
    I'm sure your life is so much more enriched after going through those experiences, some definitely challenging, others so pleasant.