Friday, July 6, 2007

a made up holiday, just cause I wanna celebrate sumpfin'

What if I told you that today was International "Complement your mirror" day?

How might you celebrate?

Some suggestions for the festivities:

1. Clean your mirror (I like to use vinegar and water and wipe with newspaper. Your mirror (and the environment) will love you for being so conscious)

2. Gather materials: lipstick, feather boa, groovy tunes, perhaps some incense to snuff out unwanted vibes, and a candle burning nearby.

3. Start up the tunes.

4. Light candle.

5. Decorate.
a. I suggest using that luscious lipstick to begin the complement fiesta. Some messages to consider writing:


b. use that feather boa to adorn that mirror

6. Face mirror. Stare. Yes stare. Long and hard.

7. Complement away (the lipstick messages should help you get started).

8. BELIEVE those complements.

Happy international "complement your mirror" day!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hee hee! This is fabulous!
    I love that you are doing this blog! It's really fun to wander through. Lots of beautiful writing, hope, morsels of inspiration, laughter, and you-ness.

    Yay Jenn!