Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - Slippery

Once I'm in
It's awful hard to stop

Like when I go down the slide with Andrew.
I've already started
and it's too late to turn back
I just have to keep going until
I hit the bottom

So yesterday, I was "in"
I couldn't stop
I feel that way today too

It's that midway point when, even if I wanted to
It would be impossible to stop

It smells of "out of control"
And it warns "danger"

It can turn out badly
Because I know all too intimately how to take it too far
How to turn productivity into frenzy
And ideas into steadfast rules

It's slippery alright
Downright dangerous.


  1. This slips rather well into sensuality. Vividly portrayed.

  2. Wow Jenn -- gripping! Sounds like when I get caught up in the obsessive component of my ADD... I came end up unable to sleep.

    Good luck to you in keeping a handle on what you appear to understand... ;)

  3. Yes, slippery can be dangerous. But staying put and not launching out is boring.

  4. "And ideas into steadfast rules" - how succinct. I recognize that one.

    Fantastic pic too!