Sunday, April 11, 2010

Joint Friendly Exercise: Nia

Image of Nia Technique from FacebookImage of Nia Technique
Today I googled "joint friendly exercise", and can you believe that Nia didn't come up?

So, I thought I'd change that with this little post.

I love running. But I can't do it anymore. It hurts too much.

When I first started Nia, my knees ached, my low back was sore and my feet were a mess (because of plantar fasciitis). But I still longed to work out. What to do?

Nia.  That's what I did.  Lots of NiaNia gave me an invigorating way to move my energy, have fun and SWEAT!

Why is Nia body friendly? Because it was designed with the body's form in mind. In Nia, we only do movements that the body was designed to do. We work with "The Body's Way", moving with it, not against it. We move towards pleasure and away from pain.

Why is Nia joint friendly?  Because it is low impact. Because we shift our weight, we don't drop it. There is no repetitive pounding or jarring movements. And yet it will give your whole body a great workout!

As I learned and began to use Nia techniques like the heel lead, my body started to heal!  So I decided to teach Nia since it has so much to offer.  Now, I've been teaching for 4 years, have done lots of training and have loved to learned how to move my body safely.

Can someone with a hip or knee replacement participate in Nia? Absolutely! I have a 55 year old woman who had a knee replacement 6 months ago moving and grooving with me once a week. Another, woman, 42 years old, had a hip replacement a year ago and she's right there on the dance floor with the rest of us.  They say that Nia is an important part of their rehabilitation plans.

Nia is for everyBODY
Regardless of size, shape, fitness or mobility level
Nia is for YOU!!!

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