Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Nia Community



My Nia students and community rock!



(image courtesy of Barb Kunz, Nia White Belt Instructor in London, ON) 

This week my Nia classes were the subject of not one, 
but TWO blog posts! 

In her post, Lauren (a personal image consultant) at Image for Change said in her post:  
"Forget Mama Mia--I can be a Dancing Queen at NIA anytime!"  
See what else Lauren had to say 
about Nia 
(and other interesting topics) here.


Melissa (a family physician/psychotherapist) at   

Beyond Oprah says 

"Jenn blends her compassion, insight, and people skills with this delightful creative exercise". 

Find out what Melissa 

thinks about Nia (and important life concepts) here.


Thank you Lauren and Melissa for 

sharing the JOY of Nia with your communities!

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  1. Thanks, Jenn, for sharing my blog on your blog! You and your classes inspire me to no end and help me keep my life in perspective. You are one flame of energy and life! xo