Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #106 - Oracle

I must admit, until just now, I had no clue what the word "oracle" meant. I mean, sure, when I first read the word, I thought about fortune tellers and Ouija boards, but really had no clear concept about the word's meaning.

In other words, I read the prompt for Sunday Scribblings this week and thought, "ok, not so smart over here. Don't even know what the word oracle even means, so how can I write about it!"

Enter Wikipedia and Google Images (how did I ever do research before these life altering tools arrived and implanted themselves in my MacBook?).

Wikipedia says:
An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion. It may also be a revealed prediction or precognition of the future, from deities, that is spoken through another object or life-form  .

The highlighted part had me going "WOW, Really?"

Prediction of the future. Huh.

Here's what Google Images gave me:

This is all so bizarre. This topic, and this definition and this beautiful image.


Well, on 3 separate occasions this past week, I have had these weird experiences where just that has happened. I think of something, and then it happens.

This has never happened before.

I think of something, and then it happened - occasion # 1
On Wednesday morning, I was in the shower. For no reason at all, a memory popped into my mind of  an occasion where, at the last minute,  I was asked to co-teach Nia with my Nia teacher Martha Randall . When I opened my email over breakfast, Martha's message asking me to co-teach that morning was a the top of my inbox.

I think of something, and then it happened - occasion #2
On Wednesday evening, I was at a Twitter workshop (hosted by the amazingly knowledgeable  Jaime Almond and Rachel Foster ). Before the workshop started,  I was looking at my MacBook screen and thinking about a few things that I needed to follow up on after the workshop.  My mind led me to a gentlemen by the name of Marcus Schwartz who had interviewed me about my Nia fitness business at a Nia event back in June. At the time, we discussed using the interview for a podcast.  His card had been sitting on my desk for months, and I was aware of the need to touch base with him.
The seminar began, and introductions started. I turned to look over my left shoulder, and there was Marcus Schwartz, sitting just a few rows ahead of me.

I think of something, and then it happened - occasion #3
On Thursday afternoon, I was driving home from seeing a client. I was listening to 102.1 The Edge on the radio as usual. One song ended, and in the 2 seconds of silence that followed, I began to hear the first 3 notes of a song. Those same 3 notes followed on the radio. You guessed it, I had heard the next song in my mind.

Probably best left to the mystery of it all.....


  1. wow. from not know what an Oracle was to being one. your powers may be deeper than you know.
    what did you say the winning lotto numbers were?
    enjoyed your story

  2. sometimes, the Oracle phenomenon never happens overtly, but more on the lines described by you- consider "deja vu"...
    sometimes, events just appear through a time warp, hard to explain- yes, that is the Oracle within us.
    Well said,Jennifer!

  3. Very cool, Jenn. I sometimes feel similar synchronicities - like information and energy can be transmitted and received in ways that we don't understand. Mysterious. And fabulous. I love when I feel connected enough to be a good receiver/transmitter.

  4. how cool! Playing eerie music in my head now!!

  5. Synchronicity, for sure! Nice write and surely interesting 'oracle' occurrences.

  6. I think that all of us have an inherent power to divine some things. Sadly we have evolved and most of this ability has been bred out. Let's see what you can do with that ability.

  7. This kind of thing happens often to me and many others too. It is too common to be just happenstance isn't it.

  8. it was cool. i hope it will happen to me because i always dreaming to win the lottery 3 digit number. i didnt the lottery, even once.