Friday, November 6, 2009

Creative Business Picnics :~::: How I Build my Nia Business :::~:

A while back, a good friend and creative entrepreun-essa of mine, Chris Kay Fraser formed a "Creative Women in Business" (CWIB) group.

Luckily, I was invited to be part of it.

We are a group of 6 women who meet bi-weekly at a local coffee shop. We are artists, dancers, writers, workshop facilitators, retreat organizers, life coaches and health care/sexuality workers who meet to share business ideas. 

We talk about how liberating it is to follow our creative entrepreneurial dreams. And we brainstorm about how we can build on our passions. We cry about how tough it can be, and, best of all, we make art together.

Yes, we have business art picnics.

Alongside lattes, herbal teas, pastries and much laughter are scads of magazines, stickers, markers, ink pads, stamps, scissors & glue sticks.

While we celebrate our business successes, present our problems, ask for advice, learn to grow from business ideas gone sour, we create! 

The outcome?

Pretty cool creations documenting my process. My picnic partners offer ingredients for my business recipes and those ideas find their way mysteriously into my art.  Or is it the other way around? 

Either way and get to carry those powerful doses of inspiration with me until the next time.

We had an article about us published in McClung's magazine this week. Read it here!

Here are a few of my favourite creations:

Isn't this woman gorgeously outside the box? 
Does she not inspire greatness?

This one reminds me to eat, live well and be BOLD. 
Pretty good business practice I'd say! 


Could describe me and my role as a Nia Instructor... spicy, joy, being, guide, DIVA, shape

What my business offers ME: 
thrill factor, a l'heure de la sieste 
(naps when I want them!), s'inspirer

CWIBers are Chris Kay Fraser (of Footprint Memoirs),  Jamie Ridler (of Jamie Ridler Studios), Danette Relic (of, Kim Sedgwick and Amy Sedgwick (of Red Tent Sisters), and me, Jennifer Hicks (of

Here's a fun picture of us at Danette's Halloween party last week!


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