Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #95 - Toys

I remember several of my childhood toys which provided comfort:

Squeaky ~ a plush pink & white mouse (re-named "Mousey" by my 4-year-0ld nephew Andrew)
Mary ~ a stuffed doll with a plastic face and hands
Mon chi chi ~ my stuffed "cradle in my arm" monkey
Jessica Lynne ~ my hairless blue-eyed Cabbage Patch doll who had a distaste for sauerkraut


I had suitcases full of them, but I resented them.
They made me uncomfortable.
They seemed to smirk at me.
Their plastic personas were cold.
I preferred plush.
Something in me knew that Barbie Dolls falsified the truth of women everywhere...
Maybe bullshit, but it makes sense to me now, in this moment.

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  1. Cute pic! I only had one barbie doll, but I quite enjoyed playing with her. I wasn't as insightful as your childhood self!