Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #85 - Listen up! This is important!

"Ecoutez moi.

You don't want to miss this.
It's so fantastic.
I'm all wrapped up in the magnificence of it.

I've been thinking about how I could best share it with you.
How you might interpret it just like I do.
I'm wondering if I can even force my experience on you.
I know that's not possible.
Yet I want you to appreciate as much as I do.

In any case, you really must listen.
This is important.

Are you ready?
Ok, take a nice deep breath.
Close your eyes.
Now listen.

Do you hear it?"

"Uh. No. I don't hear anything. Am I missing something?"

Trust your ears.
The silence.
Do you hear the silence?
Do you feel the stillness?
Let it sink into your pores and create a relaxing space within"



  1. Great poem! I love the idea that listening to the silence is what is important.

  2. 'Blue and green should never be seen' was a mantra of my long-ago childhood. And yet they are lovely together in your work. I get the impression of being in a deep cave and finding my way out. Thank you.

  3. Ah, the sound of silence. I feel a song coming on! Seriously though I love a period of total silence at the end of a busy day.Lovely post.

  4. Nice post and not the ending I thought I would hear.

  5. Hearing the silence. Great reminder and well worth a 'listen up'. Love it.

  6. silence always speaks louder than words....and it is where your truth originates. so listen up!