Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #69 - If I had to live at a different time in history

You know what?
I have never really cultivated an appreciation for history.
Yes, it's true, we can learn from history, but it's so removed from the present.
And I'd really rather concentrate on the here and now.
That's what the Buddha did, right?
When he left his father's palace for Bodh Gaya (India) to meditate.
And sat he beneath the Bodhi Tree meditating until he beame a Buddha, a fully enlightened being.

I know what you're thinking.
The fact that I'm reflecting on the Buddha's life proves I actually do have an appreciation for history and it's lessons.

But I don't want to dwell on it.
It feels like I'm wasting time in the present if I do.
That I could be missing out on a chance at accepting, detaching and moving forward without restrictions and despite obstacles.

Also, it's not a question of "if I had to live at a different time", as I'm pretty certain I have lived at a different time. Just not sure when or where.

(I've got an answer for Jane...
tell her to come have a chat with me after school...)


  1. We have to make do with what we have even if it is the present times. And I ind nothing wrong with it...

    if you only recycled coke cans

  2. Reincarnation, continuation? 50/50 about it, although I'm sure we wouldn't 'come back' as the same person - what would be the point? - but at least Jane would be happy.

  3. Ah, but didn't Buddha choose his path to enlightenment by analysing, and then rejecting, how it had been done in the past?

  4. the post you have here certainly deserves a good debate..may be we should all post what we think about this matter.

  5. I'm all about moving forward too. Maybe you lived during Buddha's time?

  6. A truly Buddhist approach for universal peace within...he happy where you are and do all you can to make it a wonderful place and time.

  7. You are so right! Excellent post -

  8. Oh, love the letter from Jane! It takes a child to cut through the crap and make God take notice!

  9. What a beautiful post! (wink! wink!)