Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #61 - Ask


Now that you've told me about yourself, let me ask you, what do you need?
I mean if you could have anything, what would it be? What do you yearn for?

(without hesitation) Someone to rescue me.

What do you mean by that? Are you in danger?

Not exactly. It's more of a....uh....inner peril.

Peril? Can you elaborate?

Right, like a risk of harm. A threat to my stability and well being. Know what I mean?

Hmmm.....noooottttt really. Can you give us an example?

Ok, here's the deal. I only know duality. Good/bad, sick/healthy, right/wrong, yes/no, happy/sad, sane/insane. There are no "grey" spaces, "maybe" options or in between areas. These freaking polarities battle for my allegiance and it's bloody tiring, man. I end up living at the extremes and get spun out by their demands.

Am I correct in saying, then, that you seem to want to be saved from yourself?

Right. I'd do anything to find the person who could do that for me.

Interesting, but I'm pretty certain that's not possible.

I don't follow....

Look. You have to do *the work* to deal with those struggles.

The *work*?

Yes, the work. Self examination, self involves figuring out how you can truly love and honour yourself and then learn how you take that compassion into every part of your inner and outer world.
It takes effort and commitment, but in the end, you can rescue yourself.

Surrender to what *is* would be nice...



  1. hehe I loved the detail of Jenn-FM. Surrender to what is sounds perfect and difficult to achieve!

  2. wow! - what an interesting take off from the prompt - we all need rescuing, and it's damned difficult to realize we each have to do it for our own selves --- seems like such a lot of work when you thimk about it!!!!

  3. I really liked how consistently the questioner was in denial, right to the end . . . what a neat way to present a universal truth -- and how often we would rather live with "what is"! Great creativity!

  4. Jenn-FM drew me right in! Love what you did wih "ask"!

  5. So true, but easier said than done. This read like the words were spoken in front of me.