Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #59 - Solace

It comes when I ask for it
When I create the space
And make room for myself.

And I fuckin LOVE it
Being alone, that is.

There is no one to answer to
No schedule to follow

Only the one that drives my heart's desire.


Free to investigate my dark places.

And all I need to do is ask for it

I am lucky,
I am listened to,
And respected.

That's how I find solace.
Thank you, my lovely and caring and beautiful Paul.


  1. how true, only we can give the gift of quiet, peacefulness to ourselves. We need, we must make time to be alone with outselves. And how brave to investigate your dark places.
    very nice.

  2. Beautiful poem!! I see you're a Nia teacher. I used to take Nia classes and LOVED it :)

  3. Indeed, we can give ourselves solace.
    so true indeed.

  4. I absolutely cherish being alone! It doesn't happen often, that I'm completely by myself, but I love to have time just for me!