Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #50 - Quitting

To be a quitter, to resign from, to leave, to abandon burden. To quit.

Quitting conjures negativity. When, they have "given up". They couldn't tolerate their boss any longer, so they
quit their job. Or they were to sensitive to be in the world, so they quit life. Or they became a "sinner" because
they quit going to church.

Quitting means giving up sometimes, but in a positive sense.
Quitting smoking, quitting gambling or quitting dieting (yes, dieting is a good thing to quit since it perpetuates an unhealthy obsession with food. More on my thoughts about that here).

My spirit has forced me, for my well-being and sense of self, to quit.
On more than one occasion.

I must say, it hasn't always been easy.
Because the cessation of something is
not as easy as the "apple-Q" command.

Mostly what I've quit is what the world insists I should do or be.

I used to be out to impress others, but that was the best thing I ever quit in my life!

Now it doesn't matter, because I honour what's right for me, and quit the rest.

Like I quit worrying about how I look.
I quit starving myself.
I quit shaving my legs.
I quit worrying about straightening my naturally curly hair.
I quit buying clothing because of its labels.

I quit waking up and working a 9-5 slavery job.
That's because I quit fighting the drugs which make me level.
And that's because I quit denying the fact that I have bipolar disorder

So some quitting actually does a body good.

I challenge you to quit.
To find something that is not longer serving you.
And quit it.



  1. I can so relate! Yes, sometimes quitting is good!

  2. Thoughts along the way: I’ve felt too sensitive to be in this world! Yes! I like the sound of that, always have, like what it means, lived through it, and I can be a tourist there now, can tell stories of how I was one too; spot on regarding the diet business; whoa there, though, with the hairy legs! N n n noooo, can’t go there! But your rah-rah ending really did stir that human link to the universe thing within me. I’ve quit all the toxic externals in my life and I’m evaluating a situation that might potentially be toxic. The main thing left is internal: fear of this, fear of that. And I know being in the moment, the Now, is the remedy, but it takes practice which takes effort… So! How can I help to make this post not a post in vain? Alright. I’m telling you now, I will devote myself to practicing reeling myself back into the now when I’ve wandered into the past or the future.

  3. Yee ha! Love it. I quit too. All that. And dance naked over the embers. Now!

  4. Great post!

    Glad I didn't quit reading it... ;)

  5. Congratulations on having the strength and nerve to take such big steps! I've left many things behind me in life. Some good, some not so good. But as long as I keep striving to be my best, that's how it goes, I guess.

    Thanks for stopping by this week!

  6. The illustrations for this wise bit of philosophy are worth a second visit! What I have quit recently is wearing shoes unless absolutely necessary.

  7. Great reflection on quitting...
    thanks for stopping by