Friday, April 25, 2008

What it's like when I dance

A few weeks back, after my Sunday morning Nia class at Renaissance Yoga and Ayurveda, Andrea and I decided we would write about the experience of dancing.

So there we were, in Jet Fuel (where else?) writing away. She got a little stressed when I finished after 10 minutes or so, but we both came out with these rockin' experiences that reinforce exactly WHY it is we dance our butts off more than a few times per week!

Here goes:

What Dance Means to Me

I find my soul when I dance.
It's as if I'm being reunited with what feels real and honest and true.

It makes no difference what it looks like; the feeling is what makes the moves blossom and evolve.
When I dance my body moves my spirit; my body dances my spirit's desire.

There are circles and spirals and hot, sweaty sighs that elevate my aura to bliss.
The smiles that my whole body experiences sink into my cells and live there until the next dance.

I live in my body and not in my mind, the dance dismissing my chatter.
The pleasure of perspiration refreshes as if a thirst pleading for relief.

Winding in and out of myself accesses my POWER.

This drug called dance stretches my bones and gifts me with joyous passion which I pack into the dark and dusty corners of my heart.

My nervous system revs up and then hums contently. Finely tuned. Soothed.

My brain jiggles while my toes squish stress away.

Mostly I don't care if you don't understand.
Makes no difference to me.

All you need to know is that

I am Jennifer
I am a dancer.

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