Thursday, April 17, 2008

Follow up to "Poem in Your Pocket" Day

So, as I mentioned yesterday, today was "Poem in Your Pocket Day".

It was great for me, was it great for you?

I was lucky enough to have 2 poems put into my pocket. Gawd, I'm so fortunate. Who are these lovely beings that I have attracted into my life?

The first one was from Paul. This morning, as I was doing my apres Breakfast Television "how-can-I-possibly-survive-the-day-without-falling-asleep-on-the-couch-in-the-sun" drama routine, he slipped me a little poem-for-my-pocket.

I read it while waking up to my Jet Fuel.

I shared it with my Nia at noon class today - not once, but twice. Why? Because it was my poem. And I loved that it was in my pocket all day. So, I don't think he'll mind if I shout it out:

"In your own sweet way,
You make the world go 'round.
As you go about each day,
You touch a new person in some way.
The simplicity of it all,
makes me stop to think;
What a beautiful person you are,
And how lucky I am to be yours!"


Even more awwww was Andrea, who after the Nia demo class at her condo tonight, toured me around her place, showed me who she was, and honoured me by having read my blog today and giving me this beautiful poem-for-my-pocket tomorrow (because tomorrow is boxing day poem-in-my-pocket day!):

"R-e-a-c-h in & pull out;
this mirror of your LIGHT
when U R feeling dark,

This little strip of your essence:
positive radiant Energy
as a remind UR not your thoughts
whenever negative ones flood your mind,

this ticket to freedom
upon finding yourself in a trap

this smile,
when u aren't feeling' so cherrio

this seed of light
when U need inspiration,

this star
symbol of your Divine self
when U lose the connection."

How fortunate am I...

This week started off R*O*U*G*H*. Inexplicably I felt really deep-rest (how I want to think of being depressed because what it really signals is that I've gone too far). I think I've been riding a bit of a high lately, and I need to be careful with that, because even though I think the drugs have got this bipolar thing licked, I'm really fooling myself if I don't practice self-awareness.

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