Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #36 - Miscellaneous

Ahh...I breathe the tension out and feel the relief.
Today's prompt for Sunday Scribblings , Miscellaneous, takes a lot of pressure off me.
Today I can write about an assorted mix of unrelated things,
and I do not have to feel guilty for wandering away from the topic.
What a calm and peaceful sense of liberation.

Ready for the miscellaneous monologue? Here goes....

* I'm not sure what I'm even going to write about

* The snowflakes out the window have ginormous spaces between them

* Dave, the barista at my office - Jet Fuel -
is concerned that my latte is getting cold as I write

* I need to finish prepping my Nia workshop...

... for my trip to India in a week-in-a-half.
The procrastination pain is simply just eating away at me.

* I notice that lots of people don't know about the p.c. way of sneezing/coughing in public. You know, the "sneeze in your sleeve" deal that helps prevent the spread of nasty germs...Learn more about it here, and for the sake of us all, share germs with your sleeve, not the whole subway, coffee shop, library, restaurant or yoga studio...

* Paul wants to go shopping at Winners later. Truthfully, I don't enjoy shopping retail at all. I prefer to scrounge around for the perfect second hand treasure than to elbow my way around crowds of women looking for discounted Prada purses or CK Jeans.
However, since tomorrow is Paul's birthday, I'll humour him. I'll break my INESRA rule, just for him (I'll Never Ever Shop Retail Again).

* The coffee isn't really doing the trick today. At all. I need a nap. But I have work and shopping to do.

* Sometimes, when people laugh, I get quite ticked off. Is that strange? I hate faking laughter, but I feel obliged to laugh even if I don't find something funny. Then I get all resentful about it. New material for therapy, I guess!

* Lately I've been having dreams about a guy I dated from the age of about 18-22. I don't know why. That was over 10 years ago, and I haven't thought about him for ages. I don't have many particularly fond memories of him. But the dreams are loving, happy ones. Strange.

* Tomorrow, I go for a typhoid shot. Apparently there's a little bit of an outbreak of Typhoid (a little bit of an outbreak? an outbreak, I shouldn't downplay it) in Mysore, one of the places I'll be traveling to in India (mom, don't worry, I'LL BE FINE!).

* I don't enjoy driving. I find it frustrating. I'd rather be on my bike. It gets me places faster and is not so stressful. Especially at night.

* I've been postponing going to the bathroom for about an hour now. Why? It's quite logical. It's because I don't want to have to pack up my laptop to go downstairs. I also have been postponing going pee at night as well. Again, a logical explanation. Remember how I said I was having those dreams about the ex-boyfriend, and how loving and happy they are? I don't want to risk stopping that feeling by answering my bladder's pleadings to be emptied.

* The Columbia jacket that my sister Kim gave me a few weeks ago (her cast off) has a bum zipper which keeps splitting. This will be the 3rd winter coat this season that has failed me.....I'll tough it out with the Columbia jacket, though. Winter will be over by the time I come back from India.

Can't cross my legs any tighter...time to get up and let these 2 lattes and 1 bottle of water drain from my main vein.


  1. Jennifer - what a lovely ramshackle heap of miscellany! And you are going to India you lucky thing. I have been several years on the trot and try to visit a different region each time, although I have to confess to visiting Goa three times! This time last year I was in Jaipur and Agra and visited the Taj Mahal - wow- blew my socks off with it's beauty.Enjoy.

  2. A two fisted latte drinker - a woman after my own heart. It has been snowing here for over 24 hours. Time to put on another pot of coffee and delay the inevitable two hours of shoveling. I enjoyed your miscellaneous post on miscellany.

  3. A nice, sauntering, rambling bunch of miscellany. Enjoyable. Great interludes of pics that made me chuckle!

  4. Nifty post! Oh, I wish you a terrific trip - my wanderlust is in remission which is a good thing right now...I'll read about your trip!

  5. Awesome post! I love to know what others are thinking and I rarely get the opportunity to read people's thoughts! Have a fun, safe trip to India.

  6. I did something completely different for my Sunday Scribbling. Now I've lost my opportunity to write about unrelated things. What a great opportunity your Nia instructing has provided for you. I'll have to come up with a way to get myself to India. It sounds great. Congratulations on being able to go and best wishes with the workshop.

  7. I simply walked through the whole post relishing it. Interesting..

    Have a great trip..