Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #35 - Fellow Traveler

I look over my shoulder, certain I’ll find someone cycling just behind me.
A fellow traveler.
I look left. No one. Right, nothing.
Yet the sensation of warmth is alive and the hint of a shadow tricks my eyes.
Eyebrows furrowed, nose leading the way, I carry on.
“Just shake it off, Jennifer. Illusions, that’s what Dr. M. said those were. Just illusions. Temporary realities that fade into nothingness.”

I reset.
I'm Coming up to that slow incline. Time to gear down.
"How long have I been riding now?”
My sitting bones dig into my flesh, I think the muscles might tear away from my kneecaps and my ribcage is heavy.

A sudden wave-like rush of air powers me forward. I recoil when it subsides.
Gush. Another swift, strong push launches my bike forward.

A fellow traveler?

It’s as if two strong hands are landing on my shoulder blades and setting my swing in motion.
And then it stops, and I am back in charge.
My senses are again deceived.
There is no one there.
A final flood of momentum rises and thrusts me forward before easing up.

I decide this is indeed my fellow traveler.
The one that nudges me along when I need Her, and reminds me the potency of my own spirit.

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  1. Jennifer, that unseen and invisible force is one of life's mysteries! Terrific piece- so glad I dropped by .