Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #28 - Mis-spent youth

The glory days
The carefree ways
The deliberate "I'm unbeatable" phase
Oh me, oh my, I'm in a daze!

A triumphantly mis-spent youth.

An evil gaze
A hurtful phrase
Sleepy, pimply, angry days
The "you just don't understand me" craze
Oh me, oh my, I'm in a daze!

A dazzlingly mis-spent youth.

Whispering, gossipy, "I'm ugly" days
The "I've invented BETTER ways"
A daring, never-ending maze
Our very own one-act plays
Oh me, oh my, I'm in a daze!

A naively mis-spent youth.

The "there's no point in listening" craze
Avoidable maturity delays
Those "I have no purpose" days
A mind-altering substance haze
Oh me, oh my, I'm in a daze!

A collosally mis-spent youth.

A growing up and out phase
Where breaking rules never pays
No more wasted self-hate days
A kinder, gentler, more respectful phrase
Oh me, oh my, welcome happy days!

An vital but mis-spent youth.


  1. So true. That outlines youth very well!

  2. wow!! that was so well put together,, and i loved the way it followed the natural progression of life.. very real....

  3. I liked this alot. It reminded me alot o Felix Dennis's Poetry