Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #20 - Powerful

3am: 1 hr yoga
4am: 1 hr outdoor circuit training
5am: 1 hr power walk
6 am: 2 hour run
8 am: breakfast and panic
10 am: 1 hour walk and fight with Paul
11am: coffee and jitters
12pm: 1 hour pilates (hiding in the basement)
1pm: 2 hour bike ride
3pm: 2 hours gardening and crying
5pm: 1 hour walk to dinner
6pm: eat and drink
7pm: eat
8pm: eat
11pm: can't stop eating
12am: fall asleep eating

do the same tomorrow

There was a time when that made me feel powerful.
Better than, stronger than, holy-er than....
But I was manic.
I was anorexic.

When I plummeted into depression, I longed for my super powers back.
Sha-zam! They were gone.
I couldn't keep up.

Now that the seretonin is in check, power is something different.


power = moderation
power = self-love
power = gratitude
power = honesty
power = authenticity


  1. yes, finding the right balance is powerful

  2. It's strange how those things happen - the obsession, the release and the re-building - in so many areas. Interesting post, for sure!

  3. What a journey ... the power you relate to now = wellness. Peace, JP/deb

  4. WOW that's powerful, Thank YOU!