Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #15 - Goosebumps

Confirmation shivers --
That's what goosebumps really are.
Shivery, tingly, momentary sensations that make your armhair standonguardforthee
Pleasant, involuntary, invigorating.
You get them for a brief moment after a near stranger says something
so timely and compelling
that you feel
they have deep insights into your life.
Shuddering, shimmying shivers.
Confirmation shivers.
They drop in unannounced when you read something
that for some strange reason
feels like it was written just for you.
Or by you.
Confirmation shivers.
A flash of sensation when struck viscerally
by the rapturous crescendo-ing thunder of a gospel choir.
Or by the strike of a drum breaking symphonic silence.
Confirmation shivers.
Congregating closely during jaw-dropping-awe-inspiring theatrics
Or a deliciously delicate dance.
Suddenly surfacing in conversation as you realize
that someone else believes just as strongly
as you do.
Confirmation shivers.
Crawl out creeping onto your skin when your gravesite is disturbed.
Designed to ignite insulation and keep you toasty within.
Confirmation shivers.
Arise the instant you realize that you rock.
Substantiating your place in the world.
Confirmation shivers.
Evoluntionarily enlarging.
Confirmation shivers.
Authenticate the truth.
They validate synchronicity.
Not letting you forget that there is a universal consciousness.
That if you really stop, listen, and feel,
You will feel as one with everything.


  1. This was very cool... I enjoyed it!

  2. That's it: a universal consciousness, which goes by many other names. It's the dimension of mystery in life that the ways of knowing we privilege, like science, just cannot account for. Too bad for us that we let our ways of knowing be so limited.

  3. I really enjoyed this piece, Jenn. I love the concept of goosebumps being confirmation shivers: true, true, true. And I love thinking that my hairs standonguardfor me!

  4. "Cofnirmation shivers." What a fantastic definition and a beautifully written post. I'm going to write that down in my ideas notebook.