Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #7 - Eccentricities

Sauntering through the back alley, that's all she's doing.

The kids don't seem to notice her.
She doesn't stand out to them.
They encounter uniqueness with innocent eyes.
Too young to pass judgement.

Now the adults, they're different.
Yah, they stare.
All disapproving like.

The older folks whisper while the little ones smile.
They're "mature".

She blends into the children's laughter.
She wears her soul inside-out.

Hair bleached and piled up at least a foot in the air.
It probably measures at least that around too.
The giant pom-pom hair clips flutter in the light breeze.

Exquisite oversized purple peacock feather earrings dangle, caressing her neck.

"I love your alligator shoes", yells one of the kids.

She's proud of those shoes, a real find.
To think, someone was throwing them out.

Bending over the next garbage pile, she clutches the top of
her zebra striped blouse.
She's been meaning to sew that top button back on for ages.

More laughter.
This time taunting, evil.

"Get'chyer nose outta the trash lady. We don't need yer kind 'roun' here"

She moves on, misunderstood.

Eyes peeled, she comes across the perfect planter.
It's chipped, yes, but the bright pink and orange polka dots are cheery.

By now the paper clip holding her favourite sparkly skirt together needed fixing.

"Stay Ziggy", she told the overweight gerbal she'd been tugging along for company.
Her best friend in the world.

Walking by, a teenager horks in her direction.

"Dirty bag"

Moving along towards home she finds the most valuable treasure.
A crumpled fifty dollar bill.

Everything is right now. Judy, who lives in the alcove between the graffitied garage and her place, will be able to pay for a room tonight.

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  1. Whew. Wow. Powerful poem, Jenn. I was walking with her and feeling with her. "She wears her soul inside-out" Yum. Beautiful.