Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wishcasting Wednesday #3 - Where Do You Wish to Send Some Love?

" Without your love, a love I need, it’s ...Image by Parvin via Flickr
Thanks to Jamie Ridler for this prompt. It's the perfect thing to do every Wednesday - make a  wish and let it growth through the energy of other wish-casters!

Today I wish to send love to:
~ myself
~ my supportive family
~ my dear friends
~ my neighbours
~ the guy who fell today in front of Broadview Espresso, I hope he made it to his doctor and is ok.
~ Parvin, the guy who took this beautiful picture.


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  1. As Jennifer wishes, so I wish as well. I hope all your people feel the love you're sending their way!

  2. As you wish for yourself and others, so I wish as well.

    I hope that poor guy that fell is okay, too!!

  3. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  4. As Jennifer wishes for herself and so many others, so I wish as well. xx

  5. So Sweet. As you wish for yourself and others, I wish for you all as well!