Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good News Toronto: Nia Jam & Silent Auction

GOOD NEWS TORONTO + NIA = $3000 raised to keep

 Last Sunday, May 16 here in Toronto, we had a Nia Jam and Silent Auction fundraiser in support of Good News Toronto., a local newspaper spreading inspiration through good news founded by our own Eva Karpati.

Here are some more pics of the event
And here's an amazing video

I have just come back down from the high of being surrounded by the spirit of our Nia community. 

We had 10 amazing instructors from our Nia community teaching: Cinzia Cavalieri, Denis Karda, Eva Karpati, Denis Karda, Vika Elkina, Anja Gurnig, Didi Wilson, Barbara Ades, Lainie Magidsohn and me. You can find out more about these teachers and where they teach here.

Not only did they invite and bring their students as well as teach with unbelievable amounts of joy, but they also helped with the playlist, brought/setup/managed the sound system, decorated, took on registration, took photos and helped with tear down. What power there is when we come together!

All the teachers were so supportive, collaborative and stellar in their ability to hold the space to let Nia flow through them.

We had 63 attendees and raised over $3000 for this amazing publication!!!

A friend who attended the jam described the  best: "You wrapped your arms around that group and lifted them up". Yes! We did that together!

And now, I'm off on May 29, 2010 on to bring that Joy to Ottawa for their first Jam 

My Nia friends in London are having their second annual Nia Palooza on May 29, 2010 (invite your friends through Facebook or our Nia Instructors of Canada Association.).


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