Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nia Music ~ What do you desire to dance to?

Let's Dance....

I love to choreograph Nia moves to new music!
Can you help?

Your favourite music might just be perfectly Nia-fiable....

Please comment below to suggest
music you'd like to dance to in your Nia classes!


  1. Update: I'm working on a Led Zeppelin Routine with the help of a few Nia students (thanks!), and have just finished a routine featuring the music from the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter 2010 Olympics!

    Come to class and enjoy!

  2. I finished my Led Zeppelin routine and taught it for the first time last week! What a great learning experience for me!

    Here's the playlist:

    White/Black Mountainside
    All of my love
    Dyer Maker
    Ramble On
    Traveling Riverside Blues
    Misty Mountain Hop
    Immigrant Song
    Moby Dick
    The Ocean
    Black Dog
    Fool in the Rain
    Thank you