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Love at Home ~ Thank you Paul

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The intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us...
Tonight I was doing a little pre-trip organizing and came across a lovely gesture that Paul (my hubby) made on my behalf so many years ago.

When we first started dating (in 1994), I was phasing out my attendance at church (The Salvation Army). Paul was so respectful of that process in my life, and I remember him coming along to a church service one time.

We were singing a song from the song book called "Love at Home" during that service. I remember my mom mentioning that this was the song that she chose for our dedication service (for my twin sister and I ~ a "dedication" in the Salvation Army is the rough equivalent of a "confirmation" in Catholocism or a "baptism" in the Baptist church).  I had never heard this before, but it meant something to me.

Paul remembered that and somehow got ahold of the Salvation Army song book and reprinted and framed the lyrics from that song. I think he presented it to me on Valentine's Day either in 1995 or 1996.  That was touching.

Knowing that this was a song that both my mom and dad had chosen for us, meant a lot. Knowing that Paul also recognized the significance meant even more.

 In any case, the sentiment still resonates ~ here are the lyrics:

               ~*~  LOVE AT HOME  ~*~

O THERE's joy in every heart
   When there's love at home;
There's a smile on every face
   When there's love at home!
Voices have a kindly sound,
Happiness beams all around,
Peace and gentleness abound
   When there's love at home.

Love at  home!  Love at home!
There's an angel in the house
   When there's love at home.

O there's sunshine on the hearth
   When there's love at home,
And there's music in the air
   When there's love at home!
Faces at the door are sweet,
Laughter echoes in the street,
Paths are smooth for little feet
   When there's love at home.

When there's Jesus in the midst,
   There is love at home;
He will teach you what to do
   When there's love at home;
Help you in life's busy mart;
Whisper softly in your heart
Of the bright and better part,
   When there's love at home.

I am so thankful to have LOVE AT HOME.....

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