Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #104 - Shame

I could talk about the concept of shame for hours.
But I feel like I've already said what I need to say, so I'll keep it short.

Shame is almost instinctual.

For instance, when recently traveling in Hungary, I explained to my Hungarian friend's husband, Gabor, that we Canadians continually apologize. Even when a situation is not our fault, we babble on and offer "sorry". God knows why, but we do. Pretty pathetic really.

So my way of connecting with Gabor and his minimal command of English (and my paltry command of Hungarian) was to jokingly say "sorry, sorry" each time we interacted. He thought that was funny, and so did I.

And yet I've grown to learn there's really no room for shame in our existence.

We are what we are and who we are and we have been given our lot to move us along the path towards achieving englightenment. Simple. That's it.

I remember my Reiki master in Riskhikesh, India telling us that asking the universe for our needs and desires is our birthright. So we shouldn't feel shame in asking for what we desire.

One of my classmates (let's call him Bob, cuz I forget his real name) in my Reiki training was balding. Bob was cool. He was a nurse from America who was disillusioned with his work in allopathic health care. He knew there must be something more to healing. High five to Bob.

Our Reiki master (man, what was her name!??! dang....) had us doing an exercise where we were to do Reiki on our intentions or dreams. See, the thing about  Reiki  is that channeling it (it or Reiki being 'universal life force energy') into things we see and intend helps bring about additional power to that thing or intention.

I guess it's kind of like taking vitamins during the wintertime to help boost our immune systems and guard against colds and flus.

So in any case, 'Bob' wanted to to create an intention about having a full head of hair, but said he felt guilty about that.

"But it's your birthright to have what you want" said our German Reiki Master (whatever her name was).

That stuck with me.

No shame for what we want, desire or are.
That would be against our birthright.

Does this picture not depict the stupidity of shame?


  1. I agree we all have a right to desire more.
    Nice writing

  2. i dont know my birthrigh is. i happy to know that i have birthright as well. great read.

  3. How I wish that were true, but when we hurt others by our actions shame seems to be a healthy reaction, prompting us to put things right.

    Despite this I really enjoyed reading and re-reading your piece.

  4. Nicely written post. I enjoyed the read and the thoughts within. Thanks!

  5. Desiring more is fine, if it doesn't hurt others. Well thought out piece.
    (BTW, you used to visit when I had the blog Emerald Eyes. Hope you'll come around. I'm the artist who used to be a Speech Lang. Pathologist.)

  6. There is much you say here that reaches to me, but your conclusion . . .

    "No shame for what we want, desire or are.
    That would be against our birthright."

    speaks volumes to me.

    Miss D