Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Scribblings # 98 - 7 Dinner Guests

7 guests at my dinner table.
My choice.

But no,
I decline that option.
Over-stimulating. Under-gratifying.

I don't need genius, celebrity or saintliness.
The ego chatter can't please.
There is no place at my table for that

No, I'll have just 1 guest, thanks.
My dad.
Having his undivided attention
reach into my dark places
with a little light.


  1. i know what you mean about ego chatter. my list, i fear, isn't varied enough. they're all mostly saints. lol

  2. Undivided attention is great. It never even occured to me that 7 people might be overly stimulating.

  3. aww, thats so sweet & lovely last line :D . . .

  4. in this day and age it is great to find someone who loves her dad so much. I'm going to forward your blog to my children.

  5. We girls love our Dads warts and all. Mine is gone now and I think of him very day.
    "ego chatter" I like that term, very good. I will have to remember that one.