Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #100 - Poetry




This is the 100th post I've made to Sunday Scribblings

I have Jamie Ridler to thank for introducing me to this wonderful blogging community! 
I'm honouring her by inviting her to a *FREE* Nia class with me

(Learn more about Jamie 
~ a professional creative self-development coach 
online business-entreprenessa ~ here)

I'm ALSO celebrating this Centennial event 
by *promising* to honour  
the FIRST person to comment on this post 
with a  
home-made gift posted DIRECT TO YOU from ME! 

(here's the poem:)

Sparkling cells shimmer,
lighting up with certainty.
I spend only moments,
and soon they are deeply content.

I send my breath through
more than 60 trillion cells.
Firing, jumping, dancing, singing.
I find pleasure and invite each one
into a voyage of ecstasy.
I honour my entire being
by taking it along for a thrill-ride
as I practice Nia.


  1. well. i guess i'll have to look into nia.


    You are the WINNER!!!! You made the FIRST comment on my 100th Post to Sunday Scribblings!

    Please send me your snail mail address at and I will mail you a special home-made gift. From me. To you.

    With cheer and glee,


  3. I'd like to take a voyage to ecstasy... what a great image!

  4. Great poem. I was expecting it to be about furthur celebrating your 100th post to Sunday Scribblings and not about practicing Nia (which looks interesting, by the way).

  5. Congratulations on your 100th post to Sunday Scribblings! It seems like just yesterday we were chatting about it over coffee. Yay you!

    I am well and truly honoured and blessed to be gifted with a Nia class with you. I'm so excited! I'll be checking the schedule and finding a spot on my dance card to come out and play! Thank you so much, Jenn. What a joy!

    big hugs,


  6. I don't know anything about nia but I'm also not sure my entire being is up to a thrill ride :)
    Lovely poem though - very positive!