Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pl-erk, Broadview Espresso Style

After finishing client appointments for the day, me & my MacBook stopped at Broadview Espresso, one of my favourite places to get down to computer pl-erk (play & work).

I initially stopped to send a quick newsletter about my free Nia class this weekend.
What could have been a 10 minute email turned into a 3 hour project.

Yet I *love* that I have this powerful tool of communication. That I can communicate. And, I *love* what I created. I have recently begun to realize just how much I enjoy crafting words, getting detailed about colour and graphics and sharing news and ideas. It's deeply satisfying. Time well spent.

While I was working, Laura was doing some commissioned work. Laura is a BE Barista who brightens my weekday mornings with her cheery and warm welcome. Laura is also an incredible artist. And musician.

Today, she was working on a sketch for one of BE's regulars. Among other things, Laura draws ears. The first time I saw Laura's ears (well not her ears, but her subject's ears), her work was on display at Mercury Espresso Bar.

Although I have, of course, seen my own ears many times, I have never had anyone else examine them in great detail. So today I asked Laura to draw my right ear. The one with the spiral-ing earring in the rook - here's a diagram of the parts of the ear so you know what I'm talking about (not Laura's sketch).

Laura & I chatted while she sketched my master(ear)piece which she later described as "typical"!

Here's the final product.... my right ear with it's spirally rook piercing.

Learn more about Laura's work here. Fun!

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