Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday Scribblings #81 - ArT

(this post was borne out of some creative workshops I recently attended)

I. Word art.

random thoughts are like food.

pretty wild. i create soul inside.

it's ok. dance bodytalk.
living seekers redefined.
pushing the envelope.
keeping feature.
simple. amazing. wellness.

II. Eleven ways to look at a ladder.

1. I used to climb you when you were a tree
2. A stable place to reflect on fear. Providing a roadmap of upward mobility.
3. Geometric physicality cancelling rootness & embracing verticality.
4. I can see what you might see when I am on the ladder and you are 6 foot 3.
5. I can build shelves now. Cupboards, hooks & racks. I can use the space just below
my 10 foot kitchen ceilings. I can buy appliances I'll never use.
6. Platform of power weilding spaciousness for rugged effort and risk.
7. The stilts of a painter.
8. lonely friend slumped with it's cheek against the concrete wall of the garage,
between the beer fridge and lawn chairs woven with twin. We just can't trust his
joints anymore.
9. The room was filled with words. The room was filled with words about the ladder.
10. They say that in the end there will be a ladder & angels & trumpets & light. But I didn't see any of that.
11. A ladder just is. A ladder just does.

III. Opposite hand writing

Jelly outhouse
lets in the sky
moon narrow and pale
hard to say

Island is shy
self effacing
arid garden
burning eyes
spreading saffron

impossibly funny
nut brown afternoon
earthenware mustaches
photograph once
tell her
ancient body
utterly new
each morning

barefoot forever
lit by centuries
woman in heat
flaking saltbed
fetch redbrown centuries
novelty ancient chuckling
tomatoes laughing
coffee pipes forever
PORtRaits of BEWIldERMenT


  1. I loved your opposite handwriting!!

  2. I absolutely love this. I love each section, especially the middle. I always love anything reminiscent of 13 ways of looking at a blackbird. Fabulous!

  3. some real lovely lines written here :) liked all !!