Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Scribblings #55 - Vision

She couldn't describe the flurry of images that only drew breath when she visited that mystical place in her mind.
And she didn't want to.
Nor must she.
Share them, that is.
Still, intriguing.
Such an unusually pleasing dream. Well, not really a dream. Because sleep is not necessary for this slide-show of fantasy.
A hallucination?
A delusionary trance?
Or illusionary whim?
Yes, definitely set apart from reality.
A vision.
A cocktail of real & imaginary.
That is best if shaken, not stirred.
A snow globe of distorted players, invented proceedings and exaggerated magical places.
Fertilized by a lack of gratification with reality.


  1. Nice work - particularly the strong last line!

  2. Sounds like the inside of my brain. Except I DO share what I see in there.


  3. i see you used gregory colbert's photograph....the man inspires one to write from the heart, doesn't he? i also used another of his photographs for a piece i did that inspired the same: untethered creativity.

    this was nicely done.

  4. I am enjoying your poetry lately...I wonder if any of your English teachers ever recognized your talent so many years you as always...Mom

  5. Your words and phrases really appealed to me...slide-show of fantasy, snow globe of distorted players. Cocktail metaphor.
    It's as if you were describing my state when I visit dreamland, fantasy-scapes.
    Although, sometimes it is tempting to share them- to get it out- it's as if it gives them more reality?

    loved the piece.

  6. Your use of words/phrases really appeal to me: slide-show of fantasy, snow globe of distorted players. Cocktail metaphor.
    Very vivid- you are describing how I feel when I visit dreamland or fantasy scapes. Though sometimes it is tempting to share...almost as if to give them reality.

  7. Mmm, that last line packs a lot of power, Jenn. What a treat to come experience your poetry.