Sunday, May 4, 2008

Open (free) wireless service in Toronto

(Updated July 9, 2009)

For those of us who are self employed, and those of us to like to cycle commute to and from gigs and clients, here's something that's really important to know.
Where to fuel up with cawfee, eats & cerveza and where to get work done when you're on the road?

My experience so far.....(PLEASE ADD TO THE LIST)


1. East of Yonge Street

The Village
Croissant Tree
625 Church Street
Comments: GREAT couches, always great people watching,
and no obligation to buy if it's a quick stop-over.

Jet Fuel
519 Parliament Street (north of Carlton)
Toronto, ON M4X 1P3, Canada
Comments: You'll find many-a creative soul in this joint and some
inspiring music to keep your fingers clickin' on the keyboard...
Don't take the staff's demeanor personally. Their sullenness adds to the ambiance....
Warning: Mac-dominated space (and only 3 electrical outlets to keep you powered up)!

Broadview Espresso
817 Broadview Ave
Comments: Wireless is hit and miss as it is "borrowed" from elsewhere, but the service is unbeatable and the lattes are the best in the city.

The Riverdale Perk
633 Logan Ave (north of Gerrard)
Comments: Quiet, homestyle local kind of place.
The food is mediocre but the artwork beautifies the space and, hey, it's a local hangout with a great patio for the dog-walkers on the way to Withrow Park.

Dark Horse
682 Queen Street East (west of Broadview)
Comments: Hip, full of cool people. The kind of place that makes you feel
cool to be you. Only a few outlets to choose from.

Mercury Espresso Bar
915 Queen Street East, west of Logan
Comments: Across the street from Value Village - one of a kind shopping apres latte.

Tango Palace
1156 Queen Street East (west of Jones)
Comments: I once overheard that "getting around this place is like being on an
Air Transat Flight". The selection of edibles is INCROYABLE, and the Kick-Ass coffee will do just that!

Red Rocket
402B Queen St. East in Leslieville (one block east of Greenwood Ave)
Comments: Not much to look at out of the window (other than the TTC yard), and the muffins (although chocked full of granola) will weigh you down for a year.

2. West of Yonge Street

Urbana Coffee
878 Yonge St, near Davenport
Comments: The lattes need a little work, but they have a
great selection of fair trade, organic teas and coffees.
Take a look at the board for the wifi password.

U of T land
Daily Express Cafe (below the Holiday Inn near Yorkville)
280 Bloor St W (west of St. George)
Comments: Nice mix of locals and Holiday Inn folks
who remind me how to reeee-laaaxxxx.

Urbana Coffee
1033 Bay Street ~ at St. Joseph, diagonal from Bistro 990
Comments: The lattes need a little work, but they have a
great selection of fair trade, organic teas and coffees.
Take a look at the board for the wifi password.

The Annex
Lettieri Espresso Bar & Café
581 Bloor Street West
Comments: next to Honest Eds. A little bargain shopping, a little latte sipping, a little working...

Linux Caffee
326 harbord street (west of Bathurst)
Comments: Nice vibe with lots of local artist support.

277 Wellington St. West (at Blue Jays Way)
416. 598. 2672
Comments: A recommendation from Jacqueline...

Orange Alert Coffee
298 Dundas St W
Dundas and McCaul (across from the AGO, near OCAD)
Comments: A lovely downtown spot with a great view of the AGO.
The few times I've been there the folks behind the counter have been
sugar sweet!


1. East of Yonge St

Greek Town
The Court Jester Pub (Danforth)
609 Danforth Ave (west of Pape)
Comments: Awesome veggie burger made with beets! Chunky sweet potato fries add maximum to the dining experience.

The Old Nick
123 Danforth Ave (east of Broadview)
Comments: All I have to say is Martin. If Martin is working, you will have
the pleasure both a place to work and a comedy show. If Martin is not working,
Christine, Ashley, Jay, Suzie and Greg are sure to make your experience magnifique!

995 Broadview Avenue
Comments: Will (the bartender) is a great (Estonian) guy who makes turkey dinners!

2. West of Yonge St

142 Cumberland St (east of Avenue Rd)
Comments: be careful of the drunk silly guys who might spill beer on your keyboard!
My favourite meal ~ spinach salad with grilled salmon, mango, avocado....yum!

The Annex
The Pour House
182 Dupont Ave (at St. George)
Comments: a big U of T crowd and great Nachos (which are 1/2 price on Tues nights (along with all the other appetizers!)

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