Thursday, March 6, 2008

CBC News In Depth

I had an interesting chat with a yoga teacher colleague of mine as the winter started to creep in upon us this year. Sarah was telling me how much her Litebook helped her manage the winter months. I checked out what she had written on her blog about it, but couldn't help remembering that my Litebook had actually caused me to become hypomanic in the past.

A few weeks later, Sarah put me in touch with April Scott-Clarke, a writer for CBC news online. April was writing an article about SAD, and wanted to hear my point of view about treatment. I'm afraid I wasn't all that positive about the use of the Litebook, yet I told her lots of other stuff about my coping mechanisms - for example, Nia, good friends and lots of therapy! If you'd like to read the article, take a look here. There are also some really good links on the right hand side bar about various other mental health issues.

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