Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday Scribblings # 38 - Fridge Space

Odorific. Fridge space.

Baking soda crowded crispers liquifying onions (increasing the spaciousness).
Egg cups fix albumin glued shell fragments only fingernails can free.
Shelves hoard nearly empty peanut butter, pickle and jam jars we refuse to finish.
Tupperware science experiments ripen the sour aroma.

"Why is there so much fridge space?"

The life cycle of the fridge space.
An aging process and often a rebirthing in my fridge space.
Abandoned casseroles reincarnate as parasytic lichen, moss, spores.
Spaciousness of this cooling unit which hardens eyeliner before you sharpen it and jello before you eat it.

"I forgot to pick up milk."

There is room, yes, there is a space for all.
Excess space invites a scarcity mentality.
Too little space and abundant calm settles.
(Especially when we're talking beer fridge space!)

"I can't find any space in this fridge for the groceries!"

There would be more fridge space if I threw out the 20 bottles of 10 year old unused nailpolish that apparently keeps longer in the fridge.
Everything has an expiry date.
No such thing as eternal life when it comes to fridge space.
This is an invitation to find space.
I can cultivate a spaciousness with a little effort.

"Then throw out that loaf of mould".

Fridge Space.


  1. "Then throw out that loaf of mould". -- I love that line! I hate to admit it, but this all sounds so familiar... lol

    Great post!

  2. Very entertaining post. We can all identify. I have some bacteria cultures growing in there right now.

  3. Odorific, so disgusting, well done, can smell it from here ;) well done!