Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #32 -Now and Then

( a little scotch-tape art for your amusement)

Context: normally I write my scribblings in Toronto, at a coffee joint called The Jet Fuel where I spend way too much of my time (and hence call it "my office"). I usually write it before I teach my Sunday Nia class. Today I'm scibbling in Seattle. Different vibe altogether!)

Now I am sitting in a marble lobby which is pretending to be upscale yet offers $66/night rooms in downtown Seattle.
Then I was writing from Cabbagetown in at "my office" listening to Dr. John singing "Mess around".

Now I have a belly full of a grainy black-bean veggie burger and Pale Ale from Pike's Pub and Brewery.
Then I was hopped up on $3 lattes (which, I PROMISE you, are the best in Toronto).

Now I am going to bed early to go snowshoeing at the summit of Snoqualmie in Washington State tomorrow.
Then I was waking my muse to teach class at the Union.

Now I am eavesdropping.
Then I was introspective.

Now I am finishing.
Then I was continuing.


  1. Great post! And I love the scotch tape art. I've always wondered what it was like in Seattle or Canada. I'm way down here in TX. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy 2008.

  2. Clever and really heeding the Promt. I like the contrast of the two cities and their offerings.