Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Workin' hard today

I seem to do a lot of work.

Right now I don't have a lot to show for it.

No regular pay cheque.

No "employer".

Wait, that's totally wrong!
I have HAPPINESS to show for it.

That's BIG... really freakin' BIG!

More sumptuous than a big fat wallet.

More tantalizing than a 6 figure salary.

Yes, I know the taste of financial success.

And I know the flavour of emotional distress

(it has lotsa flavours actually!).

They seem to go together a lot in this world.

So I choose what I've got now.

Contentment, peace, calm, balance.

I'll keep that, and you can keep your money.

I'm gonna ride through life like this - Consciously.

I'm planting seeds right now.

Just waiting patiently for the right thing to grow.


I'm open, so soon my magic will

come along.

It feels good to be a creatrix....


  1. How wonderfully empowering! Having happiness to show is such an amazing thing! yay!

    I love the term creatrix, it rocks!

    Welcome to blogging.

    Shannon (Jamie's sister :)

  2. Good to meet you Shannon.

    Thanks for the encouraging words!


  3. Hi Jenn,
    I came to you via Jamie's blog. I'm actually on a 2-month blogging break right now, but I'll be back. This is a refreshing post. Yes, you have already achieved something that few people in Western culture could ever hope to know. Congratulations on starting your blog. My one year of blogging changed my life. Have fun.